Tokyopop is replacing its 'preview publication' Tokyopop Sneaks with Tokyopop Takuhai (literally 'Tokyopop Home Delivery'), a 160-page sampler that will be mailed free to consumers who sign up on Tokyopop's Website.   The first volume will be in the standard manga graphic novel format, though subsequent issues of the quarterly publication may become more magazine-like.  Tokyopop Takuhai will contain previews of between five and ten different manga series.  The first issue will feature excerpts from Tramps Like Us, Sakura Taisen, Princess Ai, Lagoon Engine, MBQ, Bizenghast, and Clamp's Legal Drug and R.G. Veda, among others.


Like Tokyopop Sneaks, Tokyopop Takuhai will be distributed at conventions, but the bulk of its distribution will be direct to consumers through the mail.  When questioned by ICv2 as to whether Tokyopop will distribute Takuhai to retailers through Diamond, Tokyopop's Susan Hale responded: 'Currently we do not have a program in place to distribute copies to direct accounts at this time, but it is something that we are actively investigating.'