Fullmetal Alchemist is continuing its strong performance on TV and in sales, with a lengthening licensee list creating growing opportunities for retailers.  The show is the #1 anime title on Adult Swim, scoring well above its competitors.  And before Adult Swim and Cartoon Network split their reporting, Fullmetal Alchemist even did well against the broader competition; coming in at or near the top of all Cartoon Network shows for 12-17 year-olds.   The show also has a fairly even sex split (see 'Female Audience Grows for Adult Swim').


The appetite for the anime is also carrying over to DVD sales.  Sales for the first DVD volume of Fullmetal Alchemist ran at about 80% of sales on a Dragon Ball GT DVD in the same period, according to FUNimation's Jeff Dronen.


The number of companies licensing the property for merchandise has been growing steadily.  We've previously reported on the TCG (see 'Three FMA TCG Releases in 05'), and the trading cards and unarticulated figures (see 'Artbox Gets Fullmetal Alchemist').  And on the manga side of the street, Viz will be publishing the U.S. edition (licensed directly from Japan).  Added to those lists were CDS, for clear posters; Eye Candy Goods, for wallets, CD carriers, backpacks, and messenger bags; Great Eastern Entertainment, for playing cards, wall scrolls, plush figures, key chains, pins, and pillows; ODM, for apparel; Starmakers Rising, for posters; and Universe Calendars, for calendars.