Dark Horse has announced the November launch of the Nexus Archives series with the release of the first volume on November 16th.  Nexus Archives will collect the multiple Eisner Award-winning series created by Mike Baron and Steve Rude in a high-end 7' x 10' hardcover format on high-quality stock.  Volume 1 will present Nexus Volume 1, #1-#3 (b/w) and Nexus Volume 2, #1-#4 (full color), in a 216-page hardcover with a new cover painting by Steve Rude.  MSRP will be $49.95. 


Nexus was the first comics work by a very talented team of creators who have gone on to illustrious careers in comics--writer Mike Baron and artist Steve Rude.  The title was first released in 1981 by Capital Comics, which was a venture of Capital City Distribution owners John Davis (now of Davis Marketing Services) and Milton Griepp (now owner of ICv2), and Richard Bruning (now Senior VP-Creative Director at DC Comics).  Capital published three b/w issues and six color issues, after which the property was taken over by First Comics.  Eventually, it wound up at Dark Horse, which is now offering Nexus collectors the opportunity to own this classic series in a high-end hardcover format.