NBM Publishing has announced that it will be publishing new stories starring long-time post-underground comics character Omaha the Cat Dancer in Sizzle, its erotic comics magazine under its Eurotica imprint.   The new work will be written by James (Kings in Disguise) Vance, the husband of the late Kate Worley, who created the original stories with Reed Waller.  Worley left behind a detailed outline of the next Omaha story arc, which Vance and Waller will realize in at least 128 new pages over several quarterly issues of Sizzle.  The first new story will appear in Sizzle #28 in November. 


NBM is also reprinting all of the previously published Omaha stories in seven volumes of 100 to 128 pages each.  The first volume will be released in October, with additional volumes following on a quarterly schedule.  The new story arc will be collected in the eighth volume.