Joe Field of Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff in Concord, California saw the comment from Jim Crocker of Modern Myths (see 'Jim Crocker of Modern Myths on Comics Content') on comics content, and urges 'balance:'


In my previous comments concerning the topic of comics' content getting darker, I advocated for more balance.  But retailer Jim Crocker ('moralizing masquerading as market analysis'? Sheesh!) completely misread (or more likely, turned a blind eye to) the call for balance made in my previous comments.  He said 'Too many otherwise savvy retailers... can't seem to shake the notion that what they love about the comics they grew up with is what everyone else should love about the comics of today, and if that view isn't shared that there's something wrong.'  Perhaps he misunderstood my call for 'reaching for a time' when comics can truly be accessible to a wide audience.  That's not about 'reaching' into the past but rather working for that time in the near future.


Here's the bottom line: We limit the untapped potential of super-hero comic book sales when dark and depressing become the dominant flavors in current titles.  Sure, there's definitely room for darker content, but it becomes nothing more than style over substance if there isn't some representation of the more noble ideals of altruism and heroism.  I believe it's important to show there really is a difference between right vs. wrong and good vs. evil.


In a recent interview regarding his upcoming stint as a writer for DC's All Star Superman, Grant Morrison said, 'I wish pop comics today had the balls to be as poetic and poignant and truly 'all-ages' again, and a little less self-conscious... I'm still not sure about 'realistic' comics.  Sales are always crap when comics get 'realistic' and sales are particularly crap right now, considering the wide-ranging public acceptance of superhero stories in other media.'


Maybe All Star Superman will provide a little light at the end of the dark tunnel of comics' content.  Maybe then Jim Crocker and others will see that a balance in content can be a very good thing for all of us.


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