In conjunction with the upcoming Tokyo International Film Festival a Japanese trade group, the VIPO (Visual Industry Promotion Organization) is presenting six potential projects to foreign film companies and distributors with the goal of securing co-production or co-financing.


One of the six projects chosen for this international showcase event is based on Tokyopop's Princess Ai manga, a prime example of international cooperation itself since it is based on a story by rocker Courtney Love and D.J. Milky and features original character designs by manga-ka Ai Yazawa (Nana).  The Princess Ai project, dubbed Princess Ai -- Ai-Land Chronicles is described as a 'totally new blend of live action and animation in the Gothic Lolita fashion.'  The trend-setting property has already inspired a series of dolls from Bleeding Edge and the first two volumes of the Princess Ai manga have sold well (the third volume is slated for February) here in the States, but a major film project could really make this property take off.