Del Rey Manga has announced five new manga series that will launch next summer.  The launches include four new Kodansha manga properties and the first title in Del Rey's 'mature' line.


Pichi Pichic Pitch will launch in May for girls 13 and up.  It's a Kodansha magical girls story 'in the tradition of Sailor Moon' by Michiko Yokote and Pink Hanamori. 


ES, from Kodansha will launch in June for readers 16 and up.  It's a clone story about the Eternal Sabbath (ES) gene by Fuyumi Soryo (Mars!). 


Kurogane, launching in July for readers 16 and up, is a Kodansha property by Kei Tome (Lament of the Lamb).  The story concerns a samurai brought back from hell to medieval Japan, where he is trapped inside a robotic metal shell.


Q-ko-chan is by Ueda Hajime, who created FLCL (Fooly Cooly), which has done quite well in the States.  This Kodansha property about an alien girl sent to invade earth launches in August for readers 13 and up. 


The previously announced (and delayed) Basilisk (see 'Two New Del Rey Manga Releases') is planned for June as the first in Del Rey's new line of manga for mature readers.