Tokyopop has obtained rights to the Cowboy Bebop manga by Yukata Nanten, and will ship the first two issues of an initial four-shot miniseries in January, 2002.  The anime has been airing for some time on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block (see 'Cowboy Bebop on Cartoon Network'), and is being released on DVD this fall from Bandai (see 'Bandai to Release Cowboy Bebop -- the Complete Sessions').  Both of the first two issues from Tokyopop will be released in black and white, in the original Japanese right-to-left format.  The first comic will be 32 pages for $2.95, and second a robust 64 pages for the same price.


Tokyopop will also be releasing the Cowboy Bebop Complete Anime Guide, beginning in January.  The first of five 5-1/4' x 7-1/4' trade paperbacks will cover the first five episodes, with character bios, technical guides, behind-the-scenes photos, and story details.  The 100 interior pages will be in color and b/w, and the book will retail for $12.95.    


Tokyopop will also begin publishing two other manga series in January.  Love Hina, by Ken Akamatsu, is a $2.95 b/w series that ties in with the new Bandai DVD and video release in February. 


Initial D ties into the street racing scene that Tokyopop has staked out with its J-Idols videos (see 'Tokyopop To Release J-Idols Videos') and Street Fury documentaries (see 'Fast and the Furious -- Documentary Style').  The first issue of the four-shot manga series is a 64-page b/w book for $2.95.  This has been a very successful property in Japan, spawning 22 graphic novels, three years of anime, and three hit movies.