Diamond Select Toys plans to increase its output considerably in 2006 thanks to the addition of some new licenses such as Stargate SG-1 and Archie Comics, as well as through the expansion of existing lines such as Marvel and Star Trek.



Diamond Select has acquired the rights to create busts based on characters from the third X-Men film, which opens over the Memorial Day weekend.  Two weeks before that the first of the Diamond Select X-3 Busts should ship to retail.  Diamond plans to create Beast, Wolverine, Juggernaut, Jean Grey, and Storm busts as well as a number of jewelry items including a Jean Grey Pendant and Dr. Xavier Cufflinks and Tie Clip.


DST is also adding a new line of Roman-style busts, dubbed 'Marvel Icons.'  Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Captain America, Dr. Doom, Thor, and the Green Goblin should all get the Marvel Icons treatment over the next twelve months.


The high-end Marvel Milestones line of resin statues continues with Nick Fury in April, followed by Daredevil in May, and Carnage and Wolverine Unleashed in June.


DST's line of Marvel Select Action Figures continues with Spider-Woman in May, Moon Knight in July and Cloak & Dagger in September. 


And of course the parade of Marvel Minimates continues with Series 12 (featuring the New Avengers) in November and Series 13 (Astonishing X-Men) in December.  The 8-inch tall MiniMates Max also continues with Spidey and Wolverine in June.


Another key product shipping in May, prior to the release of X3, is the X-Men MiniMate Darktide DVD Box Set which includes a 9-minute computer-animated X-Men adventure as well as blocky mini-figures of Wolverine, Magneto, Juggernaut, and Cyclops.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

DST's Buffy lineup continues to grow at a robust pace.  The first two Angel puppet releases sold out production runs of 5,000 pieces in a hurry so DST has upped the production run on the third Angel puppet, Smalltime Vampire Angel Puppet Replica (which ships in June) to 10,000. 


In August DST will ship the Tara, Once More With Feeling Bust, which depicts a scene from the famed musical episode of the series -- look for a Willow Bust to complete this set at some point in the next year.


DST's line of Buffy Action Figures resumes in May with Buffy/Dawn Figures and continues in June with the Dawn and Glory Gift Pack, which will be followed in July by Xander and Cordelia, and in August by the Deluxe Spike and Angel Figures.


Stargate SG-1

One of DST's newest licenses is based on the hit Sci-Fi Channel series, Stargate SG-1.  The first series of Stargate SG-1 Action Figures ships in May and includes Col. Jack O'Neill, Dr. Daniel Jackson, a Jaffa Serpent Guard and a limited General O'Neill. 


All these figures come with a piece of the Stargate (which can be assembled as the pieces are collected) and were personally approved by Richard Dean Anderson. 


The master sculptors of the Jean St. Jean Studio fashioned these highly detailed seven-inch figures.



Modern Archie

Another of DST's most recent acquisitions was a license to create busts based on the popular Archie Comics gang.  DST plans to produce busts featuring both the 'modern' and 'classic' versions of Archie, Jughead, Reggie, Betty, and Veronica with most of the busts out by the end of the year.


Star Trek

Next September will mark the fortieth anniversary of Star Trek and DST has some excellent ways to celebrate including action figures of Chekov, Sulu, Uhuru, and McCoy as well as a classic Captain Kirk in Chair (and a Captain Pike in Chair featuring an image of Jeffrey Hunter, who was the actual first captain of the Enterprise), as well as a very cool Fortieth Anniversary Phaser.


DST's Seventh Season Star Trek: The Next Generation Action Figure series continues with a Picard and Troi Assortment, which ships in June.




With a Transformers movie slated to debut on July 4, 2007, this property should start to heat up, and DST has a number of cool items including an Optimus Prime Head Bust in May, Autobot and Decepticon Motion Globes in June, and the Autobot Matrix of Leadership in July.