If all goes according to plan Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary, who collaborated on the screenplay for Robert Zemeckis' screen capture version of Beowulf, will be scripting an adaptation of Charles Burns' graphic novel Black Hole for Paramount and director Alexander Aja.  Gaiman virtually announced the project on his Website in early February, and in a recent interview with CHUD (Cinematic Happenings Under Development) Alexander Aja (High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes) confirmed that he and Gaiman were writing the script and talked about the approach that the filmmakers were taking to the adaptation of Burns' masterful saga of teenage anomie and despair: 'We are trying to stay as faithful as possible to the graphic novel, which I have to say is the best thing I have read since like so long,' he said.  'It's just amazing, it's like someone managed to get a very accurate picture of what it's like to be a teenager.  We're going to respect that spirit and try to make it, as the graphic novel is, a very true description of adolescence and what it is to feel as a monster when you are 15, 16 years old.'


When asked if he thought they would be able to make the screen characters as ugly as they appear in the graphic novel, Aja replied, 'I really hope they let us do that.  I think if we manage to write a script that is not too expensive (to produce), they will let us make the movie under the radar and make the movie as f**ked up as the graphic novel.'