Wizard Entertainment CEO Gareb Shamus is the cover feature in the April issue of Inc. magazine ('The Handbook of the American Enterpeneur'), focusing on his involvement in a new mixed martial arts league (see 'Gareb Shamus Founds Mixed Martial Arts League').  The eight-page article gives a history of Wizard Entertainment and the growth of its publishing and convention business, along with Shamus' new interest in mixed martial arts, which he feels appeals to the same 18-34 year-old male demographic as his other activities. 


The article quotes Shamus as saying that sales for Wizard Entertainment are in the 'low to mid eight figures,' and that he's got two main rules for new ventures.  First, new ventures must not jeopardize the core business; and second, each new venture must meet pre-determined metrics in order for support to continue.  Some past failures that didn't meet the company's targets are mentioned (Wizard's trade magazine and its foray into sports collectibles), as well as one the company passed on (Pokemon licensed goods) because the capital required would have risked the crown jewels. 


A fairly long history of the company's growth since its founding in 1991 is provided as prequel to Shamus' current efforts in the new league and as an example of how to build a successful business.  For example, Shamus' hiring of outside help, specifically President Fred Pierce, is cited as one of the steps he took to provide professional management and a key to his success.  Over-all, nice coverage for one of the most important publishers in the comics, game, toy, and anime industries.