Manga publisher Go! Comi has announced that three of its four launch books have gone into second printings, and all three of the titles, Cantarella Vol. #1, Tenshi J Nai!! (I'M No Angel) and Her Majesty's Dog are prime examples of shoujo (girls') manga.  In spite of debuting in a highly competitive marketplace last October Go! Comi has fared well and sold over 50,000 volumes of manga by following a strategy of fielding a limited number of high quality titles targeting primarily the growing audience of female manga fans. All three of the reprints have been completed and books are back in stock at Go! Comi's distributor, Diamond Books.


Go! Comi has ridden a wave of increasing interest in shoujo manga series.  In the forthcoming Retailers Guide to Anime/Manga ICv2 reports a significant growth in the sales and prominence of shoujo series.  In the previous edition of the Retailers Guide true shoujo series accounted for only 14 out of the Top 50 Manga Properties, but in the new issue the number of shoujo titles has risen to 19 -- and several new shoujo manga series including Yuu Watase's Absolute Boyfriend (Viz) and Yun Kouga's Loveless (Tokyopop) have cut through the clutter and reached the Top 15 on the BookScan list of graphic novels sold in bookstores right out of the gate.