This November Collins Design is publishing two volumes of special interest to pop culture retailers, Mangaka America and The Fabulous Women of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell.  The 148-page Mangaka America ($24.95/$32.50 Can.) is a full color showcase for the art of the leading American artists working in the manga style. 


Tania del Rio, who manga-fied Sabrina (see 'ICv2 News - Archie Comics Hires a Rising Star Winner'), teamed up with her fianc?, HarperCollins cover designer Will Staehle, to look at the world of American manga. TokyoPop artists such as Felipe Smith, Svetlana Chmakova, Rivkah and Christy Lijewsky will feature prominently in the $24.95 full-color 148 page book.  In addition to presenting their work they provide suggestions (for aspiring artists) on character design, layout, digital inking and coloring.



The Fabulous Women of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell ($24.95/$32.50 Can.) is a sumptuous collection of 100 full color illustrations of fantasy females such as Amazonians, princesses, goddesses, and mermaids--all rendered in the precise hardedge style that is beloved by fans of this artistic dynamic duo.