WizKids has announced its Marvel HeroClix Sinister ClixBrick promotion for customers who purchase HeroClix Sinister ClixBrick at a brick-and-mortar (non-internet) stores.  A coupon included in the ClixBrick allows purchasers who mail in the coupon along with a brick-and-mortar store receipt to receive an exclusive HeroClix Venom figure and two additional coupons. 


The extra coupons enable customers to purchase special Collector's Sets for $30.  From August 2nd to September 6th fans use the first coupon (along with $30) get an Image Comics HeroClix Invincible Collector's Set featuring seven characters never available before in HeroClix.  After September 6th the Invincible Set will be available to non-ClixBrick buyers for $40 (while supplies last).


From September 6th to October 4th a second coupon (along with $30) can be redeemed for the DC HeroClix Green Lantern Corps Collector's Set.  The Green Lantern Corps Set, which includes figures ranging from Abin Sur to Hal Jordan to Ganthet, will be available to non-brick buyers for $40 starting October 5th while supplies last.