A Paid Advertisement.  Barbour Publishing was first to bring inspirational manga to the masses -- and now tween and teen girls have another great read in Serenity!


Teens worldwide love 'manga' -- now you can give them this popular style with great Christian content!  Meet Serenity, a lonely teen from a broken family who just wants to be accepted -- but who tends to lash out at others with anger and obnoxious sarcasm.  At her new school, the Christian prayer group takes Serenity on as a 'project,' showing her friendship and love...but will even that be enough to crack her shell?  Sharply illustrated in full color, the Serenity series features realistic storylines and dialogue, and shares a solid biblical message with tween and teen girls. 


Serenity #5: Snow Biz -- Available Now!

The popular Serenity series continues with Volume 5: Snow Biz.  Serenity sees a Prayer Club ski trip as another opportunity to drive a wedge between Derek and Kimberly.  But while hot-dogging on the slopes, Serenity takes a major tumble, breaking her leg and seriously bruising her ego.  Who's going to care for her wounds-both physical and spiritual?  Written especially for tween and teen girls, Serenity shows how God's love can change hearts and make the world a better place.  This appealing 'manga' graphic novel is printed in full color on high quality paper.

ISBN: 1593108745

5-1/2' x 8' / 96 pages / full color / paperback / $7.97


What others are saying about Serenity -- America's Premier Inspirational Manga:


'. . . a clean inspiring Christian comic done in a hip, contemporary way.  I think you've really got a winner.'

                                         --Stan Lee

                                         co-creator of Spider-Man, X-Men, The Hulk


'I have a little tear in my eye!  Serenity is wonderful!  I think this will be a big hit.  The art direction is excellent in its straightforward, clean design - very easy on and appealing to the eye.  I will recommend it over and over.  It's terrific!  What a breath of fresh air from the usual porn that passes as entertainment for kids.'

                                         --Allison Barrows

                                         writer and artist, Preteena Comic Strip


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Coming Soon:

Serenity #6: You Shall Love
ISBN: 1593108753

5-1/2' x 8' / 96 pages / full color / paperback / $7.97


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