Jim Brocius of Cosmic Comics in Las Vegas, Nevada saw the news about delays on Marvel's Civil War books (see ''Civil War' Delays Rile Retailers'), and feels that reliable publishing schedules are essential for the survival of the industry:


I question whether the owners/operators of Marvel and DC actually care about expanding the business of selling comics.  Do they even realize that growing the market is impossible without a reliable schedule for their books?  It is lamentable that being on time is more important than doing a good job, but it is a fact nonetheless.  The only reason a TV show can become someone's favorite is that they know when to watch.  Most of the content of the programming listed in the TV guide is utter crap-but because that crap is available on a regular basis, it's making money.  Lots of money. 


Comic book customers are doctors and lawyers and professionals, to be sure.  But a lot of them are also dishwashers, ditch diggers, fry cooks, pizza delivery drivers and a hundred other low/entry level jobs.  These people work hard for their money at jobs they hate but can't afford to be late to.  Many of them would cut off a finger to have such a cushy job in comics.  It is insulting beyond description to these folks that so many people with such a great job can't seem to get up in the morning and DO IT.


Without reliable schedules for ALL comics, this industry cannot survive.  


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