In the first five months of 2007 Upper Deck is planning four major releases for its Vs. system of superhero card games.  First up in January is the Hellboy Essential Collection ($29.99), a deluxe two-deck game encased in the new UDECK packaging and shipped with a lithograph by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola (see 'Upper Deck's Hellboy CCG').


In February Upper Deck will release the Team Up Booster Set expansion for the Marvel TCG, which features top Marvel characters including Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Doc Ock, Venom, and Daredevil to name just a few.  The boosters-only ($3.49 per pack) set will showcase all original artwork by premier Marvel artists and some topflight fantasy illustrators.


A second Marvel offering, the Spider-Man vs. Venom TCG arrives in April (price to be determined).  Like the Hellboy Essential Collection, this 60-card set will be encased in the new UDECK packaging and can be played alone or combined with other Marvel TCG releases.


In May Upper Deck is planning to put out the boosters-only ($3.49 per pack) World Finest Booster Set for the DC TCG.  The World Finest Booster Set expansion features the top DC Comics characters including Batman, Superman, Robin, Supergirl, The Joker, Lex Luthor and others.  Like all Vs. releases the World's Finest Booster Set is fully compatible with all Vs. system superhero TCGs.