Larry Gonick's Cartoon History of the Modern World Vol. 1 (Harper Collins, $17.95), which was originally scheduled for an October release, won't hit stores until December 26th.  The latest Cartoon History installment (see 'New Gonick Cartoon History'), which chronicles events from the 'discovery' of America by Columbus in 1492 to the writing of the U.S. Constitution, might well have been one of the top-selling graphic novel titles of the fourth quarter.  Gonick's 11 other Cartoon History titles have sold a combined 750,000 copies.


Even though it won't be available during the height of the holiday season, retailers should not neglect Gonick's new 278-page Cartoon History tome.  His quirky and irreverent take on historical subjects has earned him a sizable audience and retailers questioned by ICv2 for the Retailers Guide to Graphic Novels indicate that Gonick's Cartoon History books continue to sell at a steady pace.