Checker Book Publishing Group cut a licensing deal with Walt Disney Publishing to reprint selected CrossGen Comics material in collected trade editions, beginning in February.  Disney bought the properties after CrossGen declared bankruptcy in 2005 (see 'Disney Steps Into Graphic Novel Fray').

Checker will release two volumes each of Sojourn, Negation, and Scion, and one each of The Way of the Rat, Sigil, and The Path.  The material was previously uncollected (by CrossGen).  All volumes are priced at $17.95.  The release schedule is as follows:


Sojourn V. 5 A Sorcerer's Tale (February)

Scion Volume 6:  Royal Wedding (March )

Way of The Rat, V 3 : Haunted Zhumar (April)

Sigil Vol. 5 Death Match (May)

The Path: Death and Dishonor Vol. 3 (June)

Negation Hounded Vol. 3 (July)

Sigil Vol. 6 Planetary Union (August)

Negation Vol.4 (September)

Sojourn Vol. 2 (release date to be determined)