The Sci Fi Wire is reporting that Robert Cooper, producer of the Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, has confirmed the development of a third Stargate TV series, tentatively known as Stargate: Universe.  Later this month, Stargate SG-1 wraps up its ten-year run on TV (see 'Stargate SG-1 Ending'), though the end of its record-setting TV run doesn't mean the end of the property (see 'Stargate SG-1 to Continue on DVD').  Stargate Atlantis is set to return for a fourth season, which will kick off later this year.


Cooper would reveal few details about the new Stargate: Universe series, except to say that it won't include any characters from either of the other two series and it will be set in the present day.


The long-lived Stargate property has spawned some excellent tie-in merchandise including action figures from Diamond Select Toys (see 'DST's Stargate Atlantis Promotion') and a CCG from Comic Images (see 'Stargate CCG in Two Formats').