At the GAMA Trade Show last week, Sweden's Cell Entertainment Group unveiled its 2002 line of tabletop miniatures games.  Foremost among them is a game based on Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer, which is set to debut at GenCon.  The Cell Group is creating their tabletop games with a ferocity and bloodthirsty quality that echoes the brutality of Games Workshop designs such as Warhammer 40K.  Like Games Workshop miniature games, Death Dealer is a more expensive proposition than the typical WizKids CMG.  Another key resemblance to Games Workshop is in the fact that the Swedish made miniatures in Cell's game come unpainted.  The Death Dealer Starter Box, which contains everything that two players need to 'experience fierce battles of unprecedented gore' including 22 plastic Barbarians as well as two mounted figures, will retail for $59.95.  Players can supplement their forces with additional plastic figures including a Barbarian Cavalry Regiment (4 horsemen) and a Barbarian Regiment (12 figures), each of which sports a $19.95 price tag.


In addition Cell Entertainment has four additional 'Blister Boxes' which contain metal figures including Death Dealer ($9.95), Death Dealer on Mount ($14.95), Female Demons (2 for $7.95), and a Daemonic Hound ($7.95).


Other Games

Cell Entertainment plans on releasing 2 other tabletop games this year.  First out in May is Hybrid, a customizable miniatures game, which features duel-like combats between two champion fighters.  The Starter Kits include one plastic 60mm scale brutal warrior with weapons and armor, a rulebook, and 'Maglock' magnets.  Blister boxes enable players to add plastic 'Chain Mail' armor ($5.95) or a variety of metal weapons (swords, maces, mauls, tridents, etc.all $4.95) to increase the figure's chance of winning his combat.  The 'Maglock' system allows combatants to destroy their opponent's armor, and actually see the opponent's weapons and armor falling off as a result of crushing blows.


1999 is basically a futuristic variant of Hybrid though it does include a scalable system that allows players to use any number of miniatures rather than just duel mano a mano.  A complete rulebook comes with each of the 15 different metal miniatures involved in the game, and many of the combatants have modified genetic codes, allowing players to tailor the DNA of their fighters before combat to give them the best chance to survive.  Once again the highly detailed miniatures come unpainted.