This September Genius Products and B1 Games are launching the first ever board game based on the hugely popular Halo videogame.  The Halo Interactive Strategy Board Game captures the essence of the bestselling videogame as players control UNSC Marine and Covenant forces in strategic battles for power.   With its family-friendly features this game, which is designed for players 10 and up, appeals to a wider audience than the popular first-person shooter Halo franchise.


The Halo Board Game features the same premise and characters (Master Chief, A.I., Covenant, etc.) as the videogame, which has sold over 20 million copies in its various incarnations.  It offers a modular game board that can be reconfigured into limitless combinations.  In the game players command armies of three-dimensional collectible character pieces that can be utilized in two different levels of play—the “Heroic” mode for faster casual games, and the “Legendary” mode for more advanced games who want to include more strategy.  Players can expand the Halo experience in campaign mode or go head-to-head in “Slayer” or “Capture the Flag” modes.


Genius Products is planning to release additional expansions for the Halo Board Game that will add adventures, new vehicles, characters and weapons.