Mongoose Publishing has become the publisher of the Lejendary Adventure multi-genre roleplaying game system by Gary Gygax, the father of tabletop RPGs.  Mongoose releases will include newly edited core books Lejendary Rules for All Players, Lejend Master’s Lore, and Beasts of Lejend, plus new world environments written and created by Gygax and never before published material, as well as new adventures created by a team of creators. 


Gygax’s widow Gail Gygax of Trigee Enterprises (DBA Gygax Games) will lead the team of “Gygaxian” developers who will create the new products. 


The first products, Lejendary Rules for All Players and the scenario A Question of Tribute, will ship in June 2009. 


Lejendary Adventure products have previously been published by Hekaforge and Troll Lord Games.