The fallout from Wizards of the Coast’s consolidation of its digital initiatives (see “WotC Pulls the Plug on Gleemax”) has become apparent in a new round of layoffs that reportedly includes VP of Digital Gaming Randy Buehler, Director of Digital Games Andrew Finch, Creative Manager of Digital Design William Meyers, and Online Community Manager Jennifer Paige.


Reached for comment by ICv2, a WotC spokesperson noted, “Wizards of the Coast consolidated its digital game organizations to streamline execution of digital growth strategies for core brands.”


Wizards of the Coast President Greg Leeds also weighed in.  “Consolidating internal resources coupled with improved outsourcing allows us to gain efficiencies in executing against our major digital initiatives Magic Online and D&D Insider,” he said.  “Wizards of the Coast is well positioned to maximize future opportunities, including further brand development on digital platforms.  The result of this consolidation is a more streamlined approach to driving core brands.”


The newly announced layoffs represent the second wave of dismissals at WotC in 2008—an earlier round was announced in August (see “Restructuring at WotC”).  According to a posting at EN World by Paizo CEO Lisa Stevens, the current layoffs also include Art Director Stacy Longstreet, Editor Julia Martin, Game Designers Dave Noonan and Jonathan Tweet, and Jennifer Powers (marketing).  A WotC spokesperson declined to reveal the total number of employees let go, but told ICv2: “While this move results in some job eliminations, Wizards of the Coast continues to fill open positions in other areas of the company.”