Scott R. Moore of Galaxy Comics in Saginaw, Michigan saw the article on the cancellation of Scrye magazine (see “'Scrye' Magazine Ending and offers his thoughts on why the magazine is coming to an end:

As much as it saddens me to see a CCG staple like Scrye go away, I don't think that it is due to the "softening" of the CCG market.  Granted, everything is selling less right now, CCGs, comics, magazines, toys, etc. but I don't blame Scrye's ending publication on that.  Like so many other things, I blame the Internet.  I don't think it's that players don't want card prices as much as they want card prices now.  After a major event like Nationals or a Grand Prix, the large Internet retailers have their prices updated to reflect the new hot cards within a few days, at most.  I don't know what the lead time is for Scrye but by the time they gather prices, update the listings and go to press the data for the current hot cards could be off by several dollars.

I still get one copy of Scrye, just to have it available in the store in case someone asks but, honestly, I may have sold three issues in the last two years.  The Internet... the same reason people don't buy boxes of Magic from me (why pay anywhere close to retail when they can get them for $5-10 over my cost online?), people don't buy price guides for Magic cards when they can get up-to-the-minute pricing for free online.

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