Robert Thumith of Enterprise Comics see a basic inequity between the way Upper Deck is distributing Yu-Gi-Oh in the hobby and in the mass-market.  For our view of the current situation see 'Yu-Gi-Oh Still Scarce in Hobby Stores.'


What is with Upper Deck and their distribution inequities? Yu-Gi-Oh, of course, is the hot item these days. The mass market chains are getting the product and the hobby retailer is short-changed yet again. We take a lot of risks in our business, ordering product in the dark in advance of it's existence. But when something comes along that is a hit, the publisher should be going head over heels to make more and get it in the hands of all the retailers it can. I refuse to drive my loyal customers away by making them pay two to three times retail for a pack of cards. I've built up my customer base because they know I'm not in the habit of ripping them off.

A backlash, I'm noticing in the buying public, is that parents and kids are spending more money and allowances on the inflated prices, leaving less spending money for their other habits, such as buying comics and other trading cards. DBZ CCG sales have practically evaporated for me in the past three to four weeks.

Diamond has actually done a better job for me acquiring Yu-Gi-Oh Unlimited cards than any other distributor I deal with. Kudos for Diamond. Every other distributor I deal with are selling them at unreasonable prices and preselling the Metal Raiders expansion practically at retail instead of wholesale!

Upper Deck, please make more for the hobby market!