Chris Pollichemi of Altered States Game and Hobby in Syracuse, New York has a different slant on the Yu-Gi-Oh shortage in hobby stores (see 'Yu-Gi-Oh Still in Short Supply in Hobby Stores').  He feels Upper Deck is making the right moves, but doesn't think much of the game, or some of its purchasers:


Yu-Gi-Oh!  Yu-Gi-Oh!  That's all anyone can complain about (besides Marvel).


I've been there for the Magic 'boom' and the Pokemon 'boom'.  And now this crass, completely commercially market-driven 'card game' is the next 'boom'.  I salute Upper Deck for getting the license for this fad / 'boom'.  It is sound business for them in the short run.  Their allocation policies are right on the target to maintain the frenzy for another two to three expansions (or until Yu-Gi-Oh is no longer on TV!).  Retailers will be happy that you're not seeing Yu-Gi-Oh in every store in your local mall like Pokemon (yes, Pokemon in women's clothing stores!  I saw it!)!  By the way Upper Deck, DON'T listen to the hobby retailers orders, they plan for allocations!  Anyone remember a Magic set named Fallen Empires!


Retailers, don't drive yourself crazy trying to get Yu-Gi-Oh for your customers.  Don't support the secondary market 'distributors' that sell products at 'wholesale' prices to your consumers.  It is NOT worth the hassle unless this is the ONLY way you are going to stay in business.  And if that is the case, you better reconsider what you are doing because this is almost the worst card game ever made (not to mention the sales potential with a couple of popular culture icon movies out on the market currently, and more to come in the near future!).


I did all of those things with Pokemon.  I don't regret it now because I could support the product as a quality game and not a flash-in-the-pan 'collectible'.  Yes I did drive myself crazy getting a hold of Pokemon.  I still strongly support Pokemon, including the Pokemon league.  It is a steady seller and a good introduction to the world of adventure gaming.  Like many other retailers I have gotten a good portion of those Poke-kids to maintain adventure gaming as a hobby with the many other better products on the game market.


Sometimes I just want to scream at the same parents that came into my store and bought Pokemon as a 'collectible', now coming in and repeating the process all over again.  The same parents that complained because I would not buy the truckloads of Pokemon cards that they bought for their kids.  HELLO, you're being duped again, worst this time!  I will keep selling to these consumers as long as they want to keep buying.  I am just as much a capitalists as the next guy!  I just have one final comment concerning consumers and their kids -- investigate and learn what it is that your kids are asking you to buy.  Be an informed and involved consumer for your children's buying interests! 


So, here's my plan, take it or tell me to shove it.  I will get as much Yu-Gi-Oh from my distributors as I can, and sell as much as I can, while I can.  The key is to make sure those Yu-Gi-Oh customers become aware of all the other exciting and valuable products I do sell, all the time at suggested retail prices.  I will make as many new customers as I can with the 'boom' and keep them as customers with the steady products.


Years from now, I hope I will still be selling Magic and other quality 'collectible' card games.