Cubicle 7 Entertainment will publish The Laundry, a roleplaying game based on the award-winning series of books by Charles Stross.  Set in an alternate world full of bizarre conspiracies and horrors inspired by authors like H.P. Lovecraft, the books chronicle a super-secret branch of the British government created to protect the Earth from the unknown.


Written by Gareth Hanrahan, Jason Durall, and John Snead, The Laundry casts players in the role of agents of the mysterious agency.  Using equipment as bizarre as the foes they must confront, the players will face strange cults, long lost Nazis, terrorists, hostile governments, and the bureaucrats of the civil service.


Based on the Basic Roleplaying System created by Chaosium, The Laundry will be a stand-alone rulebook.  It is scheduled to release in July, 2010.  Future support materials are also planned.