New this year at the 2010 Origins Game Fair, which is being held in Columbus, Ohio from June 23-27, is the Origins Trade Day.  On Wednesday, June 23rd, GAMA is creating the opportunity for manufacturers to meet with retailers on a one-to-one basis to conduct business in a closed environment. 


The Origins Trade Day will provide retailers with a modest version of the opportunities afforded at the GAMA Trade Show.  On Wednesday afternoon the Trade Day event will begin with some of the most popular seminars from the 2010 GTS, which will last from 1pm to 4pm.  Then the Exhibit Hall will be open from 4pm-7pm to retailers, exhibitors and distributors only.  Retailers will be able to place orders directly with manufacturers or through distributors.


There will then be a tour of the new Battelle Hall at 8pm.  At 8:30pm Game Night begins as manufacturers put on free game demonstrations for retailers in the Hall.


There is no additional fee required for retailers to attend the Origins Trade Day events.  Retailers who aren’t GAMA members should go the Special Services kiosk in the Registration area where they will just have to provide some proof of their retailer status (a recent invoice from a distributor would be the best way) in order to get the ribbon that will allow them to attend Trade Day events.