ICv2 caught up with Roberto DiMeglio, the publishing director of Nexus Games, at last week’s Gen Con in Indianapolis.  NG International, Nexus Games’ parent company, presented three new game titles at the show:  MageStorm, Dakota, and Letters from Whitechapel.  All three games will be sold by NG International directly into North American distribution channels.


The majority of Nexus titles have been distributed through Fantasy Flight Games.  These three will be the first games sold directly into US distribution by Nexus.  Asked about the change, DiMeglio told ICv2:


 “This year, we have a few games which were not of immediate interest to our traditional partner, Magestorm first among them.  It was a little bit too close in their eyes to other games they have in their catalog; they were not interested in having two games in the same category.”


The relationship between Nexus and Fantasy Flight will continue into the future.  Fantasy Flight will still be the sole US source for the Nexus games already carried, such as Battles of Napoleon and Wings of War, and new titles will continue to be produced in cooperation with Fantasy Flight.  Nexus does not currently have any plans to expand the number of titles that will be offered directly:


“We don’t have any definite plan yet.  Our partnership with Fantasy Flight Games is continuing.  There are a lot of projects that we continue to share with them. We’ll see on a case by case basis.” DiMeglio explained.


Magestorm is a fantasy battle game that centers on powerful wizards. Players must coordinate the magical powers of their wizards with more traditional fantasy armies (see “NG International Demo-ing ‘Magestorm’” for more information).  The suggested retail price will be $80, and the game is expected to release in October.


Dakota and Letters from Whitechapel were originally shown at the Essen “Spiel” fair last October (information about these games can be found here: “’Dakota,’ ‘Funny Little Games in Whitechapel’”). Both games will release some time in October or November.


Dakota is a game about the Westward expansion of the United States. It will have a retail price of $60 and will be released under the Tenki Games brand. 







Letters from Whitechapel is a mystery-solving game set during the murders of Jack the Ripper. It will sell for $50.