Fantasy Flight Games has announced the December release of a new boardgame based on the horror fiction of H.P. Lovecraft:  Mansions of Madness.


The game features a “one against many” format, similar to FFG’s Descent, in which one player controls the villains and antagonists against the combined efforts of the other players.  Mansions of Madness offers a number of scenarios, each presenting a pre-designed storyline that the investigating players must attempt to unravel.  The clues the players collect during the game lead them to a climactic conclusion to the game’s storyline.


As a Cthulhu-themed game, the investigating characters will face terrible creatures that threaten not only their lives, but their sanity as well.  The players must balance their search for answers to the riddle with the need to keep their mind intact until the end.


The game includes nearly 70 puzzle-cut tiles to create a wide variety of mansion layouts.  Thirty-two plastic figures represent the monsters and investigators in the game, and feature a special slotted base that allows the keeper to customize the abilities of the monsters in each game.  Over 300 cards and more than 200 tokens and markers are also included.


Mansions of Madness was designed by Corey Konieczka (designer of Battlestar Galactica and Runewars).  It will have a suggested retail price of $79.95.  The item number is MAD01.  The game will be manufactured in China.  Two to five can play.