Palladium Books has announced that it will be bringing eight key books from Rifts and the Palladium Fantasy RPG back into print in January, and that it has settled its litigation with Trion Worlds over Trion’s use of the name Rift:  Planes of Telera for its new MMOG.  The settlement, filed in late October following an effort at mediation (see “Palladium-Trion Suit Gets Time Out”) was not revealed, although Trion is now marketing its game with the shortened name Rift. 


The titles Palladium is bringing back into print in January are:

Rifts WB 20:  Canada

Rifts Dark Conversions

Palladium Fantasy RPG

Rifts Game Master Guide

Rifts WB 5:  Triax & the NGR

Rifts Bionics Sourcebook

Rifts China One

Rifts Megaverse Builder


Palladium is also promising that it will resume releasing new titles at a rate of one to two titles per month, beginning in January with The Rifter #53 and Armageddon Unlimited, and in February with Rifts Book of Magic and Rifts Dimension Book 14:  Thundercloud Galaxy.