Hasbro released its Q3 numbers this week and reported net income of $56 million, up from $51 million in the same period last year.  Sales declined 8% to $821 million from $893 million last year.    Despite the improvement, profits were below analysts' expectations.  Revenues were down in all three segments; all three were profitable.  In the game segment, sales were particularly soft in licensed trading card games (including Pokemon.  In toys, GI Joe was up 82% and Transformers up 65% vs. last year.  The international segment was hurt by declining sales of Pokemon and Harry Potter CCGs, and helped by increases in Magic:  The Gathering and Transformers.  These results do not compare favorably with the other large U.S. toy company, Mattel, whose profits were up 40% in the third quarter, behind Yu Gi Oh, He Man, and SpongeBob, among others  (see 'Mattel Has Great Q3').