Cryptozoic Entertainment , which continues to expand its footprint in the hobby game industry to include board games (see “Penny Arcade’s Lookouts Head to the Hobby”) as well as fun-filled original party games (see “Food Fight Board Game From Cryptozoic”) is adding Bazinga!, a licensed party game based on the top-rated CBS comedy series The Big Bang Theory.
Bazinga!, which takes its name from the “gotcha” catchphrase of the Big Bang Theory’s signature character Sheldon, is designed as a game that will be fun for players 13 and up whether or not they are familiar with highly rated sitcom. Bazinga! features lots of social interaction as players match up their cards containing pop culture references with categories and really get into the mind of the person who is judging. Players faced with poor category matches for their cards can on occasion “Bazinga!” everybody else, which changes up the categories and adds a lot of hilarity to the situation.
In addition to Bazinga!, which is likely due out this summer, Cryptozoic is producing Big Bang Theory Trading Cards, which will include autographs from some of the stars of the hit series that airs on Thursday nights on CBS.