Valley Games has released a new edition of the boardgame Stronghold, originally published by Polish game company Portal Publishing. The two to four player game of siege warfare has not been widely available in the US before now.
Stronghold simulates the siege of a castle in a fantasy setting. A mixed force of goblins, orcs, and trolls race to overwhelm the defenders of a walled fortress. The game’s time mechanic means that every action the attackers make gives more time for the defenders to prepare. Though their numbers are overwhelming, the attacker must act quickly to breach the walls if he is going to win the game. Two to four players can participate in the game.
Since its release in 2009, Stronghold has been well-received by critics and the gaming community. It was nominated for the 2010 “Golden Geek” award for best 2-player board game and best wargame, as well as awards in Europe. But it received only very limited distribution in the US. The Valley Games Edition is slightly different than the original Portal edition, with a few changes to the mechanics and completely re-formatted rules. The new edition was released in the US in late February 2011. The suggested retail price is $64.95.