Paizo Publishing has announced the hiring of Mike Brock, a former Pathfinder Society regional coordinator from Atlanta, Georgia, to oversee the massive Pathfinder Society Organized Play program, a worldwide shared-world RPG campaign. Brock brings years of local experience to the international stage. His tenure will begin in October.
The Pathfinder Society Organized Play, which is now in its fourth year, is a massive Pathfinder RPG campaign with more than 10,000 participants worldwide. Players create their own characters and run them through sanctioned Pathfinder Society events at game stores, conventions, and in their own homes.
The Pathfinder RPG, which is compatible with D&D 3.5, is a fully supported tabletop RPG with regularly released modules, sourcebooks on the fantasy world of Golarion, and complete campaigns known as “Pathfinder Adventure Paths” like “Carrion Crown” and “The Jade Regent.”