Gary Games has announced plans to release a new expansion for its deck-building card game Ascension.  Titled Storm of Souls, the expansion starts a new story arc for the game, and is planned for release in November.
Storm of Souls introduces a new card type to Ascension: Events.  These cards have the ability to change the rules of the game during play.  A new mechanic, Trophies, offers another way for players to gain power in the game.
Storm of Souls can be played alone as a one to four player game, or it can be combined with any other Ascension games or expansions.  Combining it with other titles allows games up to six players.
The new set will include 200 cards, 50 Honor tokens, rules, and a gameboard.  The suggested retail price will be $39.99.
Ascension was one of the hits at Gen Con in 2010, and was in the top ten on ICv2’s list of Hobby Channel Card Games during the first two quarters of 2011.