Looney Labs has announced that is streamlining the distribution of its games.  Effective immediately the company has designated just two distributors, ACD Distribution and Alliance Game Distributors to handle the U.S. hobby game market.  Lion Rampant will become Looney Labs primary distributor in Canada, while Publisher Services, Inc. will continue to supply both the international market and the U.S. mass market and book trade.
The company  contends that the changes will provide Looney Labs with significant logistical savings, while still giving retailers a choice of distributors. Kristin Looney, CEO of Looney Labs, noted that the streamlining of distribution was “bittersweet,” since the company appreciated the work of many of the small distributors on behalf of its products, but the change will allow Looney Labs to work more closely with retailers and expand the marketing support for their games.  As Looney put it, “The big win for retailers is that our marketing kits and promotional materials will now become available through Alliance and ACD on a subscription basis, and when we make short-run items, we will have the ability to offer them to stores through distribution, something we were unable to do with the larger network.”