Spartan Games has announced the release of an up-dated version of the rulebook for its steampunk-themed miniatures combat game Dystopian Wars.  The new rulebook includes refinements to the rules system originally released in 2011.
Dystopian Wars is set in an alternative history version of 1870, featuring advanced steam-powered technology.  Learn more about the game at "'Dystopian Wars'."
The Dystopian Wars Edition 1.1 Master Rulebook compiles changes to the rule system that have developed since the game’s release, as well as alterations to the stat cards for some units.  The purpose of the revised rulebook is to improve game balance and tournament play. Rules for all of the game’s original nations are included in the book.
The Dystopian Wars Edition 1.1 Master Rulebook is fully compatible with existing Dystopian Wars products, including Covenant of Antarctica and Republique of France A5 Fleet Guides.  The new rulebook has a suggested retail price of $31.99, although trade specials are running with a 25% discount from that price.