Rembert Parker of Reader Copies in Anderson, Indiana shares his concern regarding the prereleases for Yu-Gi-Oh! Galactic Overlord and Magic: The Gathering--Avacyn Restored happening on the same weekend.

One of our customers pointed out a frightening fact yesterday.  The next Yu-Gi-Oh! prerelease (Galactic Overlord) and the next Magic: The Gathering prerelease (Avacyn Restored) are scheduled for the same weekend-- April 28-29.

Our store has comfortable seating for 32, emergency seating for a total of 40, and panic-stricken seating for maybe about 48.  Our last Yu-Gi-Oh! prerelease drew over 80 people during the weekend, and our Friday Night Magic is now regularly over 30 people.  There's barely enough room for one of the prereleases, let alone two of them (and the Helvault event already had us worried about space and trying to figure out how to preregister players for the prerelease).

And this doesn't even mention the World of Warcraft and HeroClix events that are normally run each weekend.

Normally we have enough room to spread events out during the two days, but that weekend will be a real challenge.  Suddenly we need a midnight Magic one minute after Friday and then events starting at 9 am on Saturday and Sunday, events running from 7 pm to midnight, etc. etc. etc.

Maybe the landlord will let us use one of the empty spaces next door that weekend.  But in the meantime, is it too much to ask that this never, ever happen again?

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