Mayfair Games is offering retailers an economical way to advertise their stores on TV with personalized, professionally produced 28.5 second TV spots.  Retailers have to purchase the reasonable package of products viewed in the ads, and then they receive the ads personalized with store name, location, and a brief message.  Retailers who are already carrying these products should contact Mayfair to see about becoming eligible for the program.  Participating retailers will also receive special notation on Mayfair Games’ Website.
Each of the Mayfair ads highlights specific Mayfair products and retailers who purchase the package of products viewed in the ads and receive both personalized ads at no charge.  The ads can be run on local TV stations or in theaters.  Mayfair produces the personalized ads and provides them to the retailers at no charge, but the retailers are responsible for the cost of running the ads on their local TV stations or in their local theaters.