Games Workshop's interim results, covering the half-year ending December 1, 2002, show a company with robust growth in its mature territories of the UK and EC (up over 30%), and slower growth in the U.S., where sales were up just 2%, the lowest growth rate of any of GW's territories.  The reason cited for the slow growth here was that sales to independent retailers were still 'challenging' (read down), a reason that has been given for at least a year (see 'Games Workshop Continues To Struggle with Sales To Independent Retailers').   Over-all, sales were up around 13%, to around 58.1 million pounds (approximately $91.9 million) for the six month period, with pre-tax profits up around 10%, to 6.6 million pounds ($10.4 million).   


The company continued its strategy of opening company-owned stores.  It opened 12 new stores in the Americas, which by our count brings the total to 55.  It opened 23 new stores worldwide, bringing its total to 274.