R&R Games will be releasing three new games this week: Qin, designed by Reiner Knizia; Hey Froggy! by Anthony Rubbo; and the magnetically-driven AttrAction.
Qin (pronounced "Chin") is set in the Warring States era of Chinese history, and tasks players with creating provinces by placing domino-like tiles and adding their pagodas to groups of like-colored tiles.  The first player to place all of his pagodas wins the game.
Qin includes a double-sided board with different layouts, for basic and advanced play.  The game is for two to four players.  The suggested retail price will be $39.95.
Qin was released at this year’s Spiel fair in Essen, Germany by Eggertspiele and Pegasus Spiele.  The game received a good reception at the show.
Hey Froggy! features a troop of racing frogs leaping from lily pad to lily pad trying to catch flies as they go.  Players move the frogs around the watering hole, hoping to match the colors of their cards.  Suggested retail price: $15.95.
AttrAction uses a set of 25 hematite magnets as playing pieces.  Players "flick" their "shooter" magnets into play, causing reactions with the other pieces due to the magnetic forces.  Multiple copies of AttrAction can be combined for larger and more complex games.  Intended for an older audience (14 and up), this game has a suggested retail price of $15.95.