Human Head Studios, developer of the Rune series of computer and video games, has announced its first paper game -- The Redhurst Academy of Magic, by game industry veteran Matt Forbeck (see 'Human Head Hires Forbeck').  It will be released as a 160-page, full color hardcover in July.  The Redhurst Academy of Magic will provide a setting for adventures, which Human Head says will be 'fully compatible with the upcoming revision to the d20 System mechanics.' 


Human Head has worked with six other game companies to enable it to incorporate guidelines for incorporating Redhurst into existing campaign worlds:  Nyambe and Seven Cities from Atlas, Dungeon World from Fast Forward, Freeport from Green Ronin, Codex Arcanis from Paradigm Concepts, Scarred Lands from Sword & Sorcery Studios, and Sovereign Stone from Sovereign Press. 


The Redhurst Academy of Magic will be distributed by Fast Forward (see 'Fast Forward Joins Forces with Human Head').