Mayfair Games has announced the May release of Five Points: Gangs of New York (MSRP $35.00), a board game designed by Andreas Steding in which players take on the roles of the leaders of various political factions vying for control of Manhattan in the mid-19th Century.  Players need to manipulate their minions effectively to gain control of districts.  From their local power base players can influence politicians and the voting process in order to win elections and gain control of key structures like Tammany Hall.
Having control of "structures" in the game like Tammany Hall, the Board of Elections, or the Fifth Ward can provide players with some extra political mojo that will definitely come in handy in the game’s struggle for political supremacy in New York City. 
Five Points: Gangs of New York is designed for 3-5 players, age 12 and up. It takes at least 90 minutes to play a complete game.  The deluxe full color game box includes: 24 city block tiles; 12 election area tiles; 24 advantage tiles; 9 building tiles; 48 influence chips; 100 rabble cubes; 25 boss markers; 60 victory point chips; 5 player mats, and one rule book.