The Alderac Entertainment Group has announced the February 11th brick-and-mortar release of the Torn Asunder Expansion for the Legend of the Five Rings Collectible Card Game.  In this booster-only expansion players can collect 150 different cards for their favorite clan or decktype in preparation for the 2013 Kotei Season, the premiere tournament season in the L5R CCG tournament calendar, which will run from March 9th to June 30th 2013.  The official (wide) release date for the Torn Asunder Expansion is February, 25th. 
The Torn Asunder Expansion features stunning art from Steve Argyle, Mario Wibisono, and Drew Baker.  Attendees at the draft release events, which will be held in Stronghold Stores from February 11th to February 24th, will receive an exclusive promotional card, "Sadahako’s Artistry" for their participation.