Later this month, Asmodee will release a reality TV show-themed game called Room-25 from freshman game designer Francois Rouze.  The game will offer co-op, competitive, and solo options for play.
The theme of the game is a futuristic reality TV show where competitors must navigate a maze to locate the exit—located in "room 25."  ICv2 caught up with Asmodee’s Jules Vautour who gave us this description of the gameplay:
"We’re all part of a reality TV show, and the object of the game is to get out of the show.  And as you’re going along, you have tiles that you move and slide along, and you have certain actions that you can take to betray or push your opponent or your partner into another room. In the co-op version, if no one has the "betrayer" card, everybody gets out in time—you win; and if there is a saboteur, and he sabotages enough people, he wins the game."
Room-25 can be played by one to six players, and takes about half an hour to play.  The suggested retail price will be $29.99.  The release date is February 27.