Dave Salisbury of Fan Boy Three in Manchester, England read about the top ten game Kickstarter projects (see "Top Ten Tabletop Game Kickstarters") and shares his experience with the Zombicide Kickstarter project.
After following the success of the Zombicide Kickstarter we chose to invest heavily in the product when it entered the retail channel.  Sure, Kickstarter can cream off a top tier of enthusiastic early sales, but with games like Zombicide, Mage Wars and Sentinels of the Multiverse it can also give healthy later sales in stores.
But here's the rub.
Zombicide Season Two didn't just sell the cow, they gave away the entire farm.  I suspect that was an intentional attempt to attract every single customer that bricks and mortar had created for them by stocking and promoting their product.  I suspect that all the customers I made for them they then swooped in and greedily stole.  Season Two gave my customers the opportunity to buy everything for the game line and get a whole lot more if only my customers would deliberately choose to exclude me from the equation, which is a shame, because we massively supported Zombicide and Super Dungeon Explore.
Companies that are not prepared to actively work with us to actively grow and support the hobby are not worthy of our support in return.
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