Ted Yee of T&N Games in Burnaby, British Columbia (Canada) comments on the allocation of Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: The Gathering--Modern Masters release (see "Rolling for Initiative--Why 'Modern Masters' Reminds Me of 'Fallen Empires'").
It is hard to complain when Wizards is giving you easy money.  However, Wizards still needs to fulfill demand in a way as to make the product limited and desirable but not to the point of being useless.  Commander's Arsenal was a prime example.  We got 5 but could have sold 100 of them.  Wizards of the Coast vowed they would not make the same mistake with Modern Masters.  We got 30 boxes and could have easily sold 100 of them just on preorders alone.  I would have been perfectly happy selling them for MSRP and fulfilled, say 80% of the demand, but instead, I filled 30% of the demand and customers are unhappy.
Easy money pays off once.  Happy customers pay off forever.
That all being said, Modern Masters is an excellent product.  Everyone absolutely loved drafting with it.  I wish we had enough product to draft with it until Magic 2014 comes.

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