Iello announced an expansion to its very successful King of Tokyo and the new family game Fun Farm at a Gen Con presentation.
King of Tokyo – Halloween is an expansion for the King of Tokyo board game.  King of Tokyo, designed by Magic: The Gathering designer Richard Garfield, has been very successful since its launch in 2011 (see "Richard Garfield's 'King of Tokyo'"); an Iello spokesperson said it has sold over 200,000 copies to date.
The Halloween expansion will come with two new monsters: Pumpkin Jack and Boogie Woogie.  The new monsters will each come with eight personal evolution cards, and with them, a new evolution card feature that allows players to pass them to other players.  The expansion will also come with 12 new power cards including costume power cards, but beware, other players can steal them!  The game will also include a set of orange dice and a promo card for the next stand-alone (as yet unnamed) King of Tokyo game planned for next year. King of Tokyo--Halloween will debut in (surprise) October.  No MSRP has been announced.
Fun Farm, which Iello is releasing with Italian publisher Post Scriptum is a family game featuring large toy animals.  Players use cards and dice rolls to identify which of the toy animals they need to grab and “return” to their farm.  For ages 6 and up, for 2 – 10 players, game plays in 15 minutes. No MSRP has been announced.
Iello announced a slew of Fall releases before Gen Con: The Phantom Society, The Three Little Pigs, Zombie 15’, Heroes of Normandie (see "Iello Reveals Fall Releases").